Through the
Looking Glass 

Characters, who a moment ago had been hanging on the wall, present themselves in this new landscape. The Red Queen, next to Tweddledum and Tweddlee, informs Alice that the land (floor) is laid out in squares like a gigantic chessboard. The wall covering with its floral patterns morphs into a lush garden with flowers moving in the wind. The White Queen introduces herself from her throne which when Alice last looked was the Wyatt elongated toilet situated centrally in the room. The White Queen disappears and the toilet suddenly erupts into a brook in which Alice finds herself in a small rowboat. She rows across the brook, and encounters Humpty Dumpty sitting on the beadboard panelling as if it were his wall. After his inevitable fall, the three piled high suitcases become the White King, Lion and Unicorn and try to put Humpty back together again.

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Alice ponders what the world is like on the other side of the powder room mirror as she is playing with her two white and black kittens, Snowdrop and Kitty. Although there is a mirror above the fireplace mantel, she decides the mirror in the powder room is far more interesting. She skips over and plops down in the middle of the room.  She stares at the large door-like mirror, and admires the sparkling gold trim, imagining it is a gateway from the real world to a fantasy world. In front of this mirror lays a Wyatt vanity with sturdy metal legs and pristine fireclay sink. The Keefe widespread faucet reminds her of a knight chess piece, with its square trims and tapered forms. Seemingly ordinary objects begin to transform and re-emerge in an outlandish countryside as she gazes around the room. 

    The open face clock on the wall with its moving hands and roman numbers are the eccentric movements of chess knights, particularly the White Knight. The White Knight rescues Alice from the Red Knight and as she moves across the brook where she is crowned a queen. Both the Red Queen and White Queen accompany Alice to her party at the glass console table. Just as she suspected the party quickly gets out of control and Alice begins shaking the Red Queen violently, signaling her capture. This puts the Red King into checkmate which allows Alice to wake up. Alice finds herself sitting on the three piled suitcases, with both kittens in her laps, reminiscing about her travels through a fantastical world.

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    DXV Products

    • Wyatt Console Sink (Canvas White),
    • Wyatt One-Piece Elongated Toilet (Canvas White)
    • Keefe Widespread Faucet,
    • Keefe Towel Ring and Hook,
    • Keefe Toilet Tissue Holder

    Additional Products

    • 36”x84” Gold Framed Mirror w/ Bevelled Edge
    • (x2) Wall Sconces with Square Shade
    • Open Faced Wall Clock, Glass Console Table,
    • 3-piled high suitcase, chess board, picture frames


    • 24”x60” Light Box Window (provides additional lighting while creating ambience)


    • Floral Wall Covering,
    • Beadboard Panelling with 2” Chair Rail
    • 4” Grid Grey Checkered Linoleum