New Vintage

It's the sum of little details that made this traditional kitchen classic yet up to date. Starting with the large island, shaker profile doors surrounded the sides and back creating a furniture and almost custom appeal. The abundant countertop surface was perfect for prepping and cleaning, with enough space for entertaining many guests. Drywall framing was used extensively in this kitchen to help separate individual zones: The left side contained the lifestyle appliances including the coffee maker and steam oven; the right side contained a large fully integrated fridge with custom walnut doors to simulate the look of an armoire rather than a large appliance. In the centre, the star of this kitchen was the substantial gas range with a proportional black hood fan above. Although it may have appeared as one monolithic form, it was comprised of three lift up cabinets in which the middle one contained a 600 cfm insert fan. The black colour was intentionally used not only to bring contrast and definition to the cooking area, but also bring depth and make the space appear larger than it was. On the right side of the kitchen, the area was primarily used for storage of visible and non-visible items. The countertop space was perfect for plating and serving. What really made this design stand out was the use of architecture and materials to enhance the kitchen. The vaulted ceiling detail with crown moulding was perfectly aligned with the vertical drywall feature, creating a very well defined and symmetrical space. The mosaic tiles left and right of the servery area were recessed into the wall with a beautiful wall sconce highlighting the area. Three vintage pendant lights from restoration hardware also complimented the space. The use of four different handle types brought a unique quality to each area of the kitchen. Lastly. a beautiful wood floor helped ground the predominantly off-white kitchen.