The Eclectic Chef

Wanting a great kitchen to cook in doesn’t doesn't mean you have to sacrifice design and style. This eclectic kitchen was a perfect example of function truly meeting form. In a space where a traditional island may have been too cramped, this stainless steel island with galley rail provided a useful prepping surface as well as an area to sit down and enjoy a coffee.

Drywall was extensively used to frame in each area of the kitchen. This organized and defined the purpose of each zone. Three different door materials made up this kitchen: a slate blue lacquer in shaker profile, light grey gloss laminate and stainless steel. Two different countertops with different thickness yields more visual interest and again helps define individual zones. A combination of stainless steel hood, subway tiles, glass cabinets, chrome stools, globular glass pendants blended both modern and traditional styles together while further enhancing the eclectic feel of the space.