What I Offer

I believe that I can provide a different type of design service,
one that is simplified, unique and personal.

Whether you’re wanting some guidance on a small bathroom design or help on a large kitchen renovation, simply choose the package that suits your need.
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A renovation is no easy task; starting from a simple idea to a fully realized design involves many decisions. That’s why i’ve created a 10-step guide to help you through the entire process.
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A key component of expressing and communicating ideas is through sharing. That’s why I offer shared work folders that not only organize your ideas, but act as an easily accessible presentation tool to showcase your unique designs to you.
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My designs and style speak for itself. I use the latest in CAD software to create 2D working drawings and complete photorealistic renderings. I built this website as an exhibit for not only my most recently completed projects but as a platform to express my design ideas for future undertakings.
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An easy to understand agreement which can be converted into an invoice that can be easily viewed and managed online.

Being able to see, understand and communicate ideas effectively is a top priority. I offer the ability for my clients to communicate through email, phone, google drive and through social media platforms including facebook, twitter and instagram.

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