The Classic Ensuite

A room that truly embodies a classic yet refined style. This ensuite catered to those wishing for a luxury bathroom that defined a grand bathing experience. What set this bathroom design apart was the use of the architecture of the home to help separate the different functions of the space. Front and center was a large freestanding soaker tub with an exquisite chrome tub filler. With billowing curtains behind, this created the perfect setting to sit back and relax. To the left was a large wall to wall double vanity that provided all the necessary storage. Drywall niches on the side gave the necessary accessible space for personal effects. Opposite to the vanity was a large custom shower complete with a rain shower system and teak bench. A knee wall separated the shower and generated privacy for the toilet area. Lighting was also important with this design, as each fixture was carefully selected to provide the right balance between understated style and functionality. Completing the space was the unmistakable basketweave floor tile with a classic black border tile.